A Very Happy UnBirthday…Maybe Not

Well to start with I have already written this blog post and then deleted as in a mood and my 38th birthday approaching I was ready to tell you how very difficult I have found Birthdays the last few years knowing that it means that I am another year older but also one year less towards the chiming of the end of the body clock but then isn’t it amazing how life can change in an instant….

The 20th March is the official start to a beautiful season, it’s also my birthday (yes, I accept diamonds regardless of size 😉 ), Our start of the season has much new life in the gardens, our heat bench is full with over thousands of vegetable seedlings and growing plants, our season is very much gathering momentum, we have just built a new 66ft polytunnel this year for our tomatoes and whereas Storm Garath has yet to give us a break to put the cover on, the frame etc is all set, it’s all very exciting…

So enough of the boring stuff already…the reason you’re here………24th APRIL is our OFFICAL start date for IVF!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited, not to mention soooooooooooooooooooooooo petrified, the day I found out I was both an emotional wreck (albeit happy tears) and a dancing spring all day!!! even people in the “in” circle had tears in their eyes when I told them we have been waiting so long, so this is it…and I can’t tell you how I feel, I am singing my head off, no one can bring me down and I feel like I could run 10 marathons (I think my body might object here though), I know it could all go wrong, I know I still might be as baron as I feel but for now the hope is back in spades!! Forget your spring sunshine..my smile could keep us all going for years at the minute and so finally, at last, and everything crossed..this could be the start of it being my turn!!! and so this year I am going to celebrate my birthday to my hearts content, I am getting a worm farm and for this I am pretty excited! and then I literally have a couple weeks before hitting the road to Glasgow!!! soooooo excited hehe!!





Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa Catya

LOCATION – ~ESOTERIC~ (Black Pearl Lagoon, Members area)

LIPSTICK – Izzie’s Catwa Metallic Lipstick

Eye Make up – Catwa eyeshadow – Smoky boudoir



HAIR – [ LsR Hair ] – Nika Hair Mesh

OUTFIT  – erratic / giselle – lingerie / FATPACK (8 colors) (maitreya)  + erratic / alexis – corset / green (maitreya) (unpacked)

WELLIES – GOS wellington colour – Black and Green

DUST BUNNY –  Berry cake, Caramel Apples and Peach Cake

APPLE FALL – Kiwi Cake and cheese board

JIAN – Rabbit








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