God is a Woman?

Is God a woman? I don’t believe it…the fundamental flaw being that if we believe the bible then on the seventh day God rested…..let’s be honest here…. is a woman’s work ever done????  Sundays here are just like any other normal day for this woman! also, I’m no creator of life…this is VERY apparent… I have a barren wasteland for a womb, it’s a ghost town….maybe a few prickly bushes in there, it’s either too hot, too cold, not enough water, gassy… I have no idea haha but what I do know is that for the last 2 years and 4 months and 29 times of the month it’s had tumbleweeds, silence and emptiness….certainly no life created!!

However, My job means that I nurture it, the 3rd week of the year is as exciting for me as Christmas day is!! I wake up way before the alarm, my head spinning with ideas for my year ahead and always on the first Sunday the Hubby and I go out into our polytunnel and start the process of our growing year.

We start off with mainly bedding plants but as I write this we now have the first lot of vegetable seeds on the go and new life has started, it’s always amazing to see how with the right conditions, some love, care, water and radio 2,  how a little seed from a pack can go on to produce the leaves – flowers – and then bear their fruit, It’s amazing…maybe this is just me?! I am always amazed how the cycle goes and how anything can knock it out of sync, whether that be not enough sunlight, too much rain (yeah, I know, this is Scotland!) pests, disease etc but the whole process is amazing to watch.

I am pretty nerdy when it comes to my job and the science of how it works! BE WARNED…if you ever visit my Gardens and ask me the smallest question I can talk for hours about it, I am one of those very lucky people that have a job that I love, passionately…Even when it pushes me to the limits, Work from now till October is 7 days a week, I eat at roughly 10pm at night, just get an hour in the evenings (this far north we easily get around 23 hours of light and no real true darkness until October) so if the weather is good you work! socialising becomes scarce, I live and breathe plants and some days until Hubby gets in from work the only company I have is audible, my old Collie boy Wilson and my 5 Runner ducks!

This will this year, of course, be coupled with the IVF (still waiting for a letter grrr) We have slightly cut down on the amount we normally grow due to this but will still be full on and we have a team of Volunteers that are coming to help this year so it will be a group effort to get the gardens producing and me through IVF which I can’t thank them enough but for now, not as God but as Grace the Gardener I’m happy to nurture the life I do have


Pose – Ardent Poses – Dame I,  No3 of 5

Body – Maitreya Lara

Head – Catwa Catya

Eye Make up – Catwa eyeshadow – Smoky boudoir

Earrings – EarthStones Dallas Diamond Hoop Earrings

Dress – Blueberry – Demi – Long & Short Dresses – Fat Pack

Stole – Blueberry – Demi – Faux Fur Stole – Fat Pack

Hair – DOUX – Alexandra hairstyle [FATPACK]

Backdrop – FOXCITY – God is a woman

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