F*** Off Lemons

The saying goes “If life gives you lemons then you make lemonade”…well…Lemons…Fuck right off!!! and just pass me the bottle of Tequila! My IVF appointment has been cancelled…I have no idea why, I write this on Sunday after the news came on Saturday and, of course, the department is closed over the weekend!!!! Talk about a kick in the gut!!

I haven’t been doing so bad, I had a brilliant birthday but then it all went downhill from there I suppose, I got a call from my stepdad (the one who thankfully survived the sepsis at the beginning of the year) to be told that as he slowly recovers from that, that the cancer is now everywhere in his body and that the diagnosis is 3-6 months 😦 I have told him he can’t go anywhere until I give him a grandchild, and, this is the saddest part of this, as he has no children of his own and doesn’t get on with my brother to see his children so he has been looking forward to me having a baby for all the years he’s known we were finally trying and if this all plays out then it will be heartbreakingly close to whether he lives to see mine.

Then on Saturday, I got a letter…you can always tell the hospital letters as they are on recycled paper plus envelopes haha so I eagerly opened it thinking it might be a follow up to my appointment letter only to read the words “Unfortunately we have had to cancel your appointment on the 24th April” I got that horrible feeling in my stomach and felt all the joy of what I had been feeling sink away…and of course, I cried, what can I say…I’m a cryer for every mood! So before I say what I’m going to say next, here’s the thing…I know I will get another appointment, maybe a little later than I liked but it’s not an end to IVF, I know that my mood will pick up and that I will again become all positive, as much as I seem to be taking all these hits and  feel completely battered, I am strong enough to get on with it and move forward…HOWEVER, for now…F*** OFF THROWING YOUR GOD DAMN LEMONS AND JUST GIVE ME A BREAK….and one of those complete bear hugs, please…I NEED one of those!





Body β€“ Maitreya Lara

Eye Make up β€“ Catwa eyeshadow – Smoky boudoir

Hair – Exile – Talia – All or Nothing

Nutmeg – Chaise Longue Beige ADULT

Apple Fall –  Hurricane Vase w/ Lemons (Box)

Apple Fall – Moroccan Bowl w/ Lemons (Box)

Lemon Tree in Old container

CHEZ MOI – Lemon Tree *

BigBeautifulDoll – ROSANNE Mesh Lingerie Set – Vanilla

::TA Tequila Set 


ROIRO – Drink server (Lemon) BOXED

LISP – Cinnamon Industrial Coffee Table Set 2li


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