Happy Spring Day

The first day of Spring… the 20th March and this year will be my 41st birthday. The Day I was born my mum tells me the ground was covered in snow…living in Scotland I have seen snow 2ft deep on May the 2nd, however, to quote one of the greatest movies of all time “life will always find a way” so now the landscape is showing a little bit greener, it’s peppered with light colours of yellow and purples, the birds are busy making their nests and living on a working farm… all the sheep and Coos are having their maternity wards readied… like the last 40 years of my existence it is what has always been the way – Spring brings HOPE

When it gets to March we all let go of the breath we didn’t know we were holding, If I asked you what you thought of when you thought “March” your answers would probably come from the same pool – Spring, lambs, Daffodils, Crocus, baby animals etc… basically the universal signs of new life, days starting to draw out, the things that quite unknowingly are bringing us out of our winter blues, the sun can shine all day and even in the North West of Scotland some days are T-shirt weather days. From those who have read past blogs or know me will know that I own a Walled Market Garden and grow fruit and Vegetables for a living and we start our new year in January so I have already seen my fair share of new life and I LOVE it, for me it’s Christmas all over again when we start planning our seed sowing and knowing that even though bloody hard work it is an exciting start to the year.

This year I think I have looked around more when it comes to life starting to open up…I have had a lot of huge changes in the past 2 years (as have we all ) my life has branched out in a direction I never saw coming, sadly, for those followers, it still means the absence of children, but I have learnt to accept what dice have been rolled for me and now out of the other side of a breakdown can fully grasp on what is just the next part of my adventure.

The World, of course, is an ever increasing volatile and hard place to accept, from pandemic to now war it is sometimes hard to hold on to any bits of good, and some time the fog rolls in and we do lose sight of things…My friend, Micky, and I always throw this saying at each other when we are getting lost in our stresses and that is “to look for the beauty that surrounds you”… just look for one thing, whether it’s nature, your family, your pets or a loving action of a loved one… we are still surrounded by beauty, so as we head into our new season I would ask you to please, when having a bad day or struggling to hold on…just look, because beauty still really is every where… Welcome Spring and with that the hope it brings….

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