I’ll Do My Crying In the Rain

Well, hello…it’s been so long maybe I should start with introducing myself again haha, but seriously this is the first time I have felt that I have a blog post to write…

so what’s happened…

I have mentioned my stepdad a couple of times now in my blogs and this is where we will start…well, he was sadly taken into hospital on Boxing day with a lung infection that quickly developed into sepsis, I was told by my mum that he was ok, they had caught it early, however, with the effect of the chemo actually meant that it was going to be a long road of recovery……

With this in mind and assured everything was ok, Hubby and I took our selves off on our Annual holiday…..we had decided a few years ago that we would complete our tour of all the Hebrides and this year found us on the South of Uist in the Outer Hebrides (I wanted Erisky but we couldn’t get a cottage actually on the island so South Uist was the closest we could get) and we had what was an enjoyable week…well aware it was my fertile week also (a lot of websites call this a chance at a baby makation) hubby and I put the time to good use too 😉 along with a new old wifes tail I had recently discovered that saw me having half an avocado, 3 Brazil nuts, a glass of pomegranate juice and then after ovulation a full pineapple ring a day for a week……..writing this blog post now I can tell you this is another that has gone on the scrap heap, I hoped with all I had inside for it to work and really believed that it could have been it….everything falling into place but I think this is when I have my toughest months too, when I don’t want it any more than usual but believe it will happen more 😦 God damn the time of the month!!


Back from a nice week away though saw a phone call from my mum to tell me that actually, all wasn’t what it seemed down south and that she didn’t actually think my stepdad was going to make it out of the hospital…so what was a quick turn around saw me heading down south to say my goodbyes, what an emotional rollercoaster, in a grand turn of events though and a fight with the NHS actually saw him being transferred to a kinda hands-on nursing centre for people that couldn’t breathe and a week after this he’s actually strong enough to head home, things of course changed..he now has a stairlift and oxygen tanks all over the house and nurses that come to the house to see him but thankfully looks like we have him for a bit longer yet…

However whilst all this was going on because of the events with my Stepdad, when I got home from holiday my red letter day had arrived and the appointment was in hand but because of my stepdad and the events I thought were going to be happening in the weeks to follow actually saw me ringing the hospital and asking them to rearrange for March, now…if I was a woman that believed in fate I would maybe look at this as there appears to be always something that just wants to push me from starting…but I am really trying hard to push these thoughts from my mind. I was recently watching a quiz show that we have in the UK and one of the questions was what birds feather was classed as bad luck to have in the house – The answer – Peacock feather….the one I had in my dining room went straight on the fire so here’s hoping some luck will change…

On another note and funny how life moves, when I went down to visit my family I stayed in the local hotel, so as not to impose on the house, this saw me meeting a lovely lady in the room across that had come down from Sunderland for the week as she was adopting a child, I won’t go into details of course, however, the irony wasn’t lost and I made a new friend that I will hopefully now have for life.


Bye for now,


This picture is also featured in the #AdamPryceLoveHateChallenge



Head – Catwa Catya

Body – Maitreya Lara

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Elira – gingers

Pose –  made by these guys!



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