At the going down of the sun

I recently listened to “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” by Heather Morris and was taken aback with the story, the news at present is all about the lead up to Remembrance Sunday and an interview on the news one morning mentioned the book so I downloaded it as I love books that tell a true story.

It’s a book about Lale and Gita Sokolov, two Slovakian Jews that were taken prisoner and Lale had to tattoo his fellow prisoners the numbers on their arms as they arrived, It was over 7 hours of listening and I both laughed and cried with it, sometimes having to stop and remind myself that it was a true account of what was some of the horror that was going on in the concentration camps in World War 2.

I love sitting down with the grand parents and listening to how life was in the “old days” they give me an insight to how their lives were and make me extremely grateful for the life I lead now, I enjoy the same kind of books….. the ones that show you what we are built on, I am not wanting to start a political debate on things regarding war but our poppies this year in the UK  have the date 1914 – 2018 in gold across them and I completely agree with this as we see time after time how war still affects us all in some way, whether that’s us having family members that have served or we know of someone that does. The TV plays on our heart strings on how children and families are torn apart by the spoils of war when sadly the only thing that appears to ever change is the increasing death toll number.

I always wear a poppy for the fact that I completely agree with what they stand for, which is us remembering our fallen! This is something I hope to pass on if I am ever blessed with a child, that it’s important for us to know our history so we can create our future, At the going down of the sun I will remember them and all they stood for and for all those families, regardless of side, that lost someone that meant the world to them, may their continued stories always serve as a reminder that life should be cherished and memories created so we can share what will be one day our own history.



Head – Catwa Catya

Body – Maitreya Lara

Hair – TRUTH Rumor – Redhead

Dress – [hh] Cadenza Dress SHINY PLAINS 

~ESOTERIC~ – Location

Poppy fields – Heart-VR- Harmony Wild Meadow – Autumn FATPACK (v)  

Tree – weeping willow SEASONAL M/T

Grave – TLG – Graveyard Pack Boxed

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