Operation Baby!

As a Vegetable Farmer my season is pretty full on, living in Scotland gives us  a short fast season which is down to the position and strength of the sun for us to get things growing and ripening, this year is no exception and actually made even shorter with what has been an amazing year weather wise…even at one point seeing us run out of water due to a continued sunny spell, I had a great Scottish tan (for those scratching their heads this is brown in all the areas a t shirt, jeans and wellies doesn’t cover :D) and so all this leads to this last weekend where we finally put our closed sign on the door *does a little happy dance* Generally through the season I am working 7 days a week, around 6am til around 9/10 pm….it’s not uncommon peak season for us to be sitting down for dinner at 11pm, but it’s now all over…well until the end of January, I have a few Christmas markets that I sell chutney, jams and syrups that I have made with the produce through the year and wreaths and table decorations but I am a HUGE Christmas fan so this is more like fun than work (this years Christmas jumper is Jurassic park themed) and also this now gives me 100% time to focus on what I have now dubbed “Operation baby” ( I have also just re watched Once upon a time ;))

Operation Baby

Nothing gets through if it doesn’t aid IVF – after a long hard discussion with the hubs we have decided that we will wait until after Christmas before starting, where I live is a 2 hour 45 minute drive and a 45 minute Ferry journey to the hospital, this can’t be done easily  in a day on a ferry winter timetable, not to mention the ferries then get cancelled depending on strength of wind etc so don’t often run so rather than try to fit everything in and stress, I need to get a few more things out of the way and then it can be all go!

This is kind of a weird time…one minute I am sat in a room frustrated at the doctor for telling me I have to wait another year before I can have IVF then BOOM!! it’s here…it’s a mixture of feelings of both excitement but also huge nerves. On this journey I have had to do it in stages…so Coil out – stage 1 –  get to 6 months of nothing happening  and sort that etc etc to get to this point…..Never, until now, have I thought “what if IVF doesn’t work?!” I am surround by a mixed result when it comes to IVF, for some friends it’s worked and for some sadly not 😦  now these thoughts are starting to creep in , not drastically that i’m huddled in a corner, rocking back and forth thinking that’s it but when you have had 24 months of nothing other than, well,  the answer’s no, it’s not very easy to think “well this is going to work for sure”, I have no explanation to why we haven’t fallen yet so it kind of niggles as to why it would work when they take the eggs out to fertilise them…but…also I am excited…I mean this time in 6 months I could be growing a human!!!! it’s crazy, I sit here shaking my head as I write…

So to prepare

First things first…I needed an up to date smear test, I wasn’t out of time but depending on how long IVF takes I didn’t want anything to go on hold for me to update it… I am not worried!!! So, all being well, that comes back OK and medically wise I am good to go \o/

In other areas I have curbed my eating to be like a saint, haha, I have cut out all processed sugar, I am following a strict healthy balanced diet, I am out exercising most days now and as this is heading over my winter months I have taken the decision that other than Christmas day and boxing day, it’s going to be a dry Christmas….usually I can drink my body weight 10 times over in presecco with added gin sooo this a big deal haha but all in aid of operation baby!! even my friends are now calling it this haha! Everyone adding their support to get me pregnant. so the short countdown is now on…..I guess this is happening \o/………


Head – Catwa Catya

Body – Maitreya Lara

Hair – Magika – Strawberries

Greenhouse – [keke] – Old garden greenhouse

Apron – Honey Mesh apron

Eye Make up – Catwa eyeshadow – Smoky boudoir

Potted Hibiscus plants

OW – Rustic vegetable garden in crates and rustic Vegetable garden


~ESOTERIC~ – Location

Wellies – GOS wellington colour – Pumpkin

Watering Can

Vines – Hanging vines

Pose – Custom made by these guys!

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