Happy anniversary

Today I’ve been married to my hubby for 16 years……I didn’t really think too much about this on the lead up as at 16 years we only get a card for each other and a house present but then I did think about it.

The funny and sad thing with SL is the speed in which a relationship happens, you can meet, fall in love in the day, marry, now have children and separate all in a matter of weeks. yet this isn’t how real life works….All relationships at the start are fun and exciting but when the honeymoon period is over, well, that’s when we really learn if we are suited …..relationships are built around laughter, fun, bringing out the best of each other and great sex, but, they are also built on arguments, bringing out the worst in each other and again…great sex.

My hubby and I are not the perfect couple, I can love him and hate him all in a matter of minutes and I know he can feel like this too but equally we don’t give up on the other just because it got hard, which I feel is where the fickleness can come in some SL relationships, so you have a fight or they aren’t online when they said they would be or you just get bored so move on to the next one…where is the commitment to making something work?.

Hubs and I have been through a hell of a lot, parents, house moves, miscarriages, car accidents, personal injuries and of course the loss of loved ones and now the barren wasteland that appears to be my womb  but never do we expect to go through any of this alone because it’s a given that he will be there for me and vice versa, I want to tell him everything……I see a different creature in my gardens I ring him, I hear some news and want to tell him, I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine, even when exhausted falling into bed you can always guarantee another quick conversation,  he didn’t start out my best friend..in fact a year after marriage we were close to divorce and have been again once since but we worked through it, what he is is my whole world! We don’t give up on each other and what’s never in question is how much we love each other.

It’s been an action packed 16 years and I hope there will be many more….Happy Anniversary Hubby 😀



ARDENT POSE – Traditional ring showing

EARTHSTONES – Wedding rings – Eternity

BODY – Maitreya Lara

MALE BODY – Belleza Jake

Male wedding ring

Our wedding song 🙂

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