Don’t forget to make a wish….

Good evening all,

It’s crazy amazing how many people “know” how you can fall pregnant, every single person that has gotten pregnant has a reason why they have…. They started planning an event, had a one night stand, got so drunk, stopped drinking, missed the pill by ONE day, put there legs in air after sex…..I could go on and on…..I can tell you from a struggling point of view that off hand comments about how easy it is to become pregnant are never appreciated….ever!! I do understand that most of the time, unless in my close circle, that people have no idea what kind of journey you are on in life so don’t mean to upset you, their intentions are always good… however…..that doesn’t mean i’m not going to try everything I am told….


It’s actually not that easy to get pregnant….a woman has around 48 hours a month for it to happen, sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days once inside you but from an egg point of view once released it’s dying  and within 48 hours is absorbed back into the body , this all relates as your FERTILE WINDOW, the length of it only coming from literally the guy cumming (haha sorry couldn’t help that) Whilst at one of my hospital appointments the doctor told me that most people think having sex the day you ovulate is the way to do it but that actually because the egg starts to die as soon as released that you need the sperm there waiting for it as soon as it does, now I will be very open about my journey and I apologise if anyone is offended by this…..My Hubby has 79 million sperm released every time he ejaculates (now to squash an old wife’s tail here, this does replenishes literally straight after so even if we had sex 10 times a day each time would be 79 million, this 10 times plus a day lark though is not as easy as it sounds…as much as you guys think you are good enough with your stamina, it is quite un-achievable , it also doesn’t get less the more sex you have nor does it get weaker), now, out of those 79 million, 75% of them are strong active swimmers, so they get in their lanes and get to their destination (Docs when testing are happy with 3 million or above to give you some scope here) it takes around 6 hours for the sperm to get to where the eggs are released and then just waits around for the big release…….now the doctors have told us it’s unexplained infertility but I do have to question with all those sperms and how many are there on egg release day, why it’s not working when it only takes ONE!! deep down makes me believe that maybe I am the problem but have no idea what to do about it……hence why you try any old wife’s tail that you hear, to name a few…

I have laid with my legs in the air more times than I care to believe, exercised straight after sex, watched funny movies to laugh because laughter can help, I have tried fertility gels (which can be a bit of a mood killer I can tell ya), burning candle scents, I wear a “fertility” bracelet, I have sat down all day of ovulation, I don’t go for a wee after sex, I don’t even stand up if I can help it and I lay on my left side (my womb is on the left side of my body) not to mention the countless recipes, food and drink, garlic powders, onion powders, root powders, yoga, cold showers, staying warm, taken a holiday on my fertile week *takes a breath*the list goes on and on, every time I hear of one I try it because that’s what you do…what harm does it hurt to try it…so yeah, it’s pretty shit at times to hear how easy it is for some but when you tell someone like me “how” you got pregnant” rest assured it will be on my lets try this list.

This month is avocado and marmite (not on the same plate)…..

Take care




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